Robert A. Mackie

                                                 104 Rushingwater Drive
                                                            Cary, NC 27513

                                                    (home)    919 469 9160
                                                  (mobile)    919 395 5850

Professional experience and goals

Most of the software development I have done has been Object-Oriented C++.  I have also done commercial work in Java.  I am most interested in applying my Java skills in an environment where my embedded systems experience will have value.  For example, element management systems, PDA devices and their business application interfaces, real-time, embedded devices developed using Java and C++ via JNI.

Cisco Systems, Inc.  (3/13/2000 - Present)

Pliant Systems, Inc. (7/15/96 - 3/10/2000)

(formerly known as: Broadband Technologies, Inc. )

Alcatel Network Systems (5/15/95 - 7/12/96)

Random Games (5/20/94 - 12/30/94)

Computers 911 (1/1/91 - 1/30/92)

Other Background


Languages,  environments and compilers

Languages and IDE's Operating Systems Configuration Management Design Business communication


Available on request.