The First week of May 2005, some of our Canadian family joined the North Carolina Mackies
and Ken came from Hawaii for a big family reunion at Emeral Isle, NC. 
Tom called for Viv to help him assist Ken
put up his Sail Kite on one of the sunny days.

Setting Up Kite

Viv Approaches to Help With Kite

Ken had quite a bit of gear to prepare, but finally he was ready to take off.
Ken Ready to Go

Tom steadied the Kite as Ken gets ready to go!
Tom Steadies Kite

And off he went walking out into the surf.
Ken heading Into Water

And sailing away!
Ken Surfing

Bringing the Kite back up the beach was fun too. 
Kiting Back Up Beach

Rob and Gray (age 9 months) watched a good bit and Gray really loved being snuggled into Daddy's warm shoulder
Gray and Rob

One of the proud acheivements of Maria Hunter and Bryson was this elaborate sand castle
Sand Castle

They found some cocinas on the beach. Rob put them in a bucket and the little animals
decided to come out to see what was going on.
Cocinas in bucket

At one point during the week Norma decided to give us a bit of attitude.

And quite often Viv paid loving attention to the children.

Tom, our famous cook, hung out making jokes .
Tom Jokes

Grandma Mackie failed to take any more people pictures, so others with have to
share theirs.  I did take a walk town the beach one day and did a little photographic
beach combing.
Oyster Shell




Temp Arr 6

Temp 6

That's all folks.  Thanks for taking a look.  Anne