We stayed in Green River, Wyoming for several days and drove south to see Canyondlands National
Park which is where the Green and Colorado Rivers converge to make the mighty Colorado that flows
through the Grand Canyon.

As we arrived at Canyonlands one of the first major features was this set of two big mesas which
some early explorer named after the Merrimack and Monitor ships from the Civil War.Merrimack and Monitor Rocks

Along the road we enjoyed many flowers scattered in the nearby desert.
Yellow Flowers Close Up

It had rained hard the day before our visit, so the desert was rather muddy looking.
Blue Flowering Plant

We started down this dirt road, but decided that the better part of valor suggested we not take it very far. 
This was the view from just 100 yards along the road.  We turned around just another 100 yard down..
Start of Dirt Rd We Did Not Take

The better part of valor seemed very justified when we drove a bit further on the paved road and
looked down to see the switchbacks on the road we almost took.  You can see a black
van on a sharp curve in the reddish part of the road.  It was going very slowly!
Straight Down At Road We Did Not Take

Here is more of this dirt road starting from the left where we turned around near the top.  It curved
down below here ( the photo above)  and then back to the left and out to the far mesa.  We were
pretty happy to enjoy this scene from our vantage point.  This is three vertical photos merged in Photoshop.
Dirt Road We Did Not Take

We stopped for about an hour so I could take a 20 minute hike out to see an Arch.  Unfortunately the trail was
not paved so Dave could not use the electric chair.  Dave read maps while I hike out to see this arch.  Since
I was sick the day we planned to see Arches National Park (nearby Canyonlands), I was glad I had a chance to get this photo.
Arch at Canyonlands

Along the trail to the Arch were these plants and arrangements of old branches and cactus and while I was hiking
back a storm developed out over the canyon.
Pink flower

Desert Opulence

Pink Cactus Cross



We drove further along the paved road out toward the end of the mesa that divides the Green River
Canyon and the Colorado River Canyon.  This is a photo of part of the Colorado Canyon.Colorado River Canyon

And here is a shot of the Green River Canyon on the other side.Green River Canyon

The storm provided a chance for some nice photos. The pink showing beyond is where the sun was shining
on cliffs beyond the storm.
Storm Pink Cliffs

Farther down I captured this raven flying out toward the storm.  Ravens are very common in the National
Parks we visited, but getting a decent picture of one in flight was something I only did this once.
Ravien Flight Storm

Storm Tree panarama

While Dave was reading maps, when I hiked out to see the Arch, he found another dirt road he wanted to try out that
was just outside the boundary of the National Park  As we were leaving the park, weasked the Park Ranger about the
road. She said we could probably drive out to the edge, but we would not want to go down the road to the Green River
-- it was too steep.  We drove out toward the river - maybe 5 or 6 miles of dirt road and asked a passing jeep about the road. 
He said the same thing - you can probably go to the top of the cliff, but wouldn't want to drive down (althought he said
he had just done so and the road was no different than the one we were on.  So we drove to the top of
the cliff.  Here is the view from there of the Green River.  The dirt road switched back and forth from here and
finally emerged down behind the lefthand cliff where you can see it procede down to the shore of the River.  It is
Green, isn't it?
Overlook of Green River

We walked a 100 feet down the road, back to the top and looked over again and after about 15 minutes of hemming
and hawing, we decided to try going down.  We both had fun doing it, but we also had nightmares the next two nights!

Here is a view looking down at the road after we got a quarter mile down!  I found riding on the passenger side
on the outside of these cliffs quite exciting -- especially being able to see where we were going!  A little further
down we saw two cars that had apparently gone over the side a few years ago.  That added to the thrill a good bit.
.Dirt Road Switchbacks

Here are more shots that give you some idea of the road going down.
Steep Curve


Circular Hills Down

Cliffs River Hill

We had a lovely time at the river watching a rafting group float by - waving and asking questions - they were
just starting out on a multi-day trip down the Green.  Unfortunately, I deleted the pictures that I took from the
river looking up, some of which were kind of nice.   One should not process photos in a state of

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