What is so fine as a day in June?  Answer: A day in June at Lake Jordan with the Mackies. 
Anne was there, but she took the pictures.  Sally took a picture of Anne which might show up

Rob looking at Osprey fly over lake.
Rob looking at Osprey

Ken ready for boating

A small dragonfly passenger on our transom.
Dragon Fly 1

Dragonfly on floorboards
Dragonfly on floor boards

Bryson the Boat guy
Bryson boater

Maria Hunter, Rob prepare to boogie while Cori and Bryson pull up anchor.
Rob Maria Hunter and Cori

Maria Hunter and Ken get started
Maria Hunter and Ken start

The boat gets underway
MH and Ken 2

This silling thing is going under!
MH and Ken 4

Oh what the heck - lets go down and enjoy it!
More Under

Maybe there is hope -- the front is coming back up!
MH and Ken 6

This is still kind of questionable, but its fun!
MH and Ken 7

I think this is getting better!
MH and Ken 8

Now we're getting to be pros.
Steering off wake

Can we both get in this thing?
Ken Climb aboard

This time the edge of the wake is even better.
The edge again

I think maybe I can stand up.
MH stands

If I can just hold my balance.


Standing more

Look Ma!  No Hands!
Look Ma No Hands

Maria Hunter goes solo.
Solo 1

solo 2

A little tongue helps manage this thing.
Tongue 1

But when you are trying to steer off the wake alot of tongue is called for
tongue 2

Auntie Cori and Gray having a real hard sleep.
Gray with Cori

Life Is Good!
Life Is Good

Sally and Dave
Sally and Dave

The Camera Buffs - Dave and Rob.
Camera Buffs

Gray taking it easy again.