We traveled North in Utah from Bryce Canyon on Route 12 and then east on Route 24 through Capital Reef
National Park.  The following photos were taken along the road that day in late May 2004, mostly through
the windshield or side window.  A few times, we stopped at an overlook to capture a scene.

This scene is not far north of Bryce along Route 12.

Sharp Cliff on Route 12 north of Bryce

Another remarkable cliff. 
Concave Cliff

About half way from Bryce to Capital Reef  we came to this high place looking north.  Notice the road in foreground off to the right.
It then turns sharp left and runs along below this high point and goes off to the left and into the distance.  My
best estimate is that the farthest section of road visible on the left about mid photo is well over 5 miles away.
Panarama of Desert like Area

Although in the scene above vertical elements are not so noticible, the next two shots reveals how vertical some of this landscape really was.
Vertical Scene in Desert Area

Pillow cliff

We did not stop at the Park in Escalante Canyon, but I think it might be worthwhile.

Before we reached Route 24 to head east through Capital Reef we came upon this beautiful view to the northeast
along route 12.  I believe these are the Henry Mountains. 
Panarama Henry Mountains

This was our initial view of Capital Reef as we turned east on route 24.
First View of Capital Reef

Partway through Capital Reef was this pioneer one room school house just off the road.
Fruita Schoolhouse

As you head east through Capital Reef the rocks change colors several times.
Grey Cliff Panarama

Grey Cliff Panarama with Road

Occasionally we would see an old ranch building - what an amazing place to work!
Old Shed Big Cliffs

big Rock Cliff

I am not certain if I was getting hungry, but I named the next image Ice Cream Sundae Mountain.Ice Cream Sundae Mountain

And this one Layer Cake Cliffs.
Layer Cake Cliffs

The next set of photos will be of Canyonlands National Park where the Green and Colorado Rivers merge.

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