November 8-10, 2002 I joined fellow members of the local Audubon Society
for a weekend trip to Lake Matamuskeet in far eastern North Carolina.  Thousands of migratory
birds winter there in this very large shallow lake - deepest is 4 1/2 ft.  
Several thousand Tundra Swans from northern Canada were there.  
This first image shows several hundreds of them flying up from the lake.  
They looked like popcorn flying.

Tundra Swans flying up from lake
At lunch we stopped at the National Wildlife Refuge center for a pit stop and to
use the picnic tables.  The birders didn't stop.
Five birders at lunchtime

Saturday evening after identifying over 70 species of birds in one day, we
stopped along the north/south causeway that crosses Matamuskeet to enjoy
the sunset which was a doozy!
Matamuskeet Sunset

On Sunday mornign we woke to clouds.  It had rained during the night.  The
morning sky at Belhaven, where we stayed in a B&B was quite wonderful.

Dawn at Belhaven, Sunday 11/10/02

Sunday we went to Goose Neck State Park which is west of Matamuskeet about a 40 minute drive.
The park has 7 hiking trails, each through different kinds of ecosystems -- pine forest,
mixed swampy, live oaks with spanish moss, etc.  The park also sports a beautiful
new education center, a swimming beach and primitive camp site for tents.

As the other birders found dozens of species of birds, I concentrated on the flora around us which was
quite wonderful.  One small fauna was caught midst some Poisen Ivy leaves which
you will see several photos down from here.

Backlit leaves of Cat Tail plant

Leaves of Cat Tails, Goose Neck SP

Maple leaves

Fall leaves, Goose Neck SP

Sassafras leaves

Fall Leaves 2, Goose Neck SP

Wild Grape vine in Pine Tree canopy

Wild Grape in Pine Tree Canopy

On large Cat Briar leaf suspended and back lit

Back Lit Cat Briar Leave

A small sprite peeks out from Poisen Ivy leaves

Hidden Guest in Poisen Ivy

Poisen Ivy - red

Red Poisen Ivy

Poisen Ivy - yellow

Yellow Poisen Ivy

This Cat Tail rush is too big to fit, but isn't the detail fun to see up close?

Cat Tail

Overnight work of a local Beaver on Maple Tree

Beaver's work on maple tree

Cat tails and grasses

Cat tails and grass

Cat Tails

Cat tails 2

That's all folks!  Love,  Anne