One of the best times to visit the NC Mountains is June, so I spent a couple of days
up there this month (2003) taking pictures.  You might be able to tell, this is one
of my favorite places in the world.

We have had alot of rain in NC this Spring, so the streams were full and fun to
capture on film.  

NC Mountian Stream

NC Mountain Stream near Cades Cove

The mountains are blooming up a storm in June -- Rhododendrens, Flaming Azaleas, Mountain Laurel, little wildflowers
of all kinds.  Here are a few samples.

Rhododendren blossom and buds

Flame Azalea blossoms

Ferns and Buttercup

Rhododendrens in Rock

Solomons Seal Blossoms

Buttercups with View

Rhododendren with View

There are some fun turns on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Curve to Nowhere

Parkway Below

The weather was pretty cloudy, but in any weather I find the Smokies enchanting.

Cherokee Country at Dusl

The sign here said the view below was the land inhabited by the Cherokees before most of them were marched
to Oklahoma.  This was almost at dusk.

Smokies at Evening

This was taken a few minutes earlier toward the west.

Another Evening View of Smokies

The last shot.