The following photographs were taken in late May 2004 at the Grand Canyon.

As we aproached the Grand Canyon we stopped first at Navajo Point, which gave us the best views of the
Colorado River we had. 

This first one shows a good stretch of the River.  It is about 1 mile down from the Rim.  This is looking
North West -- the river flows west and south, but here appears to be going North west..
Colorado River From Navajo Point

This next shot is looking at the North Rim of the Canyon which is 1000 feet higher than the South Rim.
Navajo Point is one of the most eastern viewpoints along the South Rim.
North Rim from Navajo Point

Here is Dave at Navajo Point.  The camera is pointed East toward the end of the Park.
Dave At Navajo Point

Here is another shot from Navajo Point looking North West.
NW View from Navajo Point

The next day, we hiked along the South Rim Trail.  Here is a glimpse of some rapids in the Colorado
and the amazing variation in colors of the buttes and mesas within the canyon.
Rec Grey Mesas View Rapids

Often, we could get off the paved trail a few feet and stand very near the edge to look down. 
This view gives you an idea of such a place.  The Canyon is so deep it was impossible to
get a wide enough view so as to include the bottom and the sky on the same side of the Canyon
in a verticle shot.
Vertical Vertigo

Later in the afternoon, I overhead a Park Guide telling a group that 12 to 16 people
a year plunge to their death at the Grand Canyon each year.   Some step off while
arranging photographs, but others stand near the edge which unexpectantly breaks off.
We didn't know that yet, when we took this picture of Dave.
Dave on Edge With Trail
If you look closely you can see the big Lodge Building on the Rim just left of center as well as the trail that leads down into the
canyon from the Lodge.  The trail winds back and forth starting near the center right and down behind the dead tree branches.

Here is me.  I was also standing close to the edge.  I was 6 days into a new permament, so forget my hair!
Anne on South Rim Trail

We were not the only tourists who hadn't heard about the dangers of getting close to the edge.
Tourist Feed Squirl

Here are a group of children at an safely fenced overlook discovering the Colorado far below.  You can just see a little bit
of grean in the center left which is the river.
Children At Overlook

The Kaibab Trail also goes down the Canyon.  You can see it going down the red cliff in this photograph taken a bit further East. 
A feature called Vishnu Temple is seen in the distanceabout 1/3 into the photo from the left side.  It has a knob on top.
Kaibab Trail

Here is a view from the North Rim, which we visited the next day.  Vishnu Temple from
the North side.
Vishnu Temple from North Rim

Here is a general view again from the South Rim.  There were red, yellow and orange flowering
plants all along the South Rim Trail, as well as a number of blooming shrubs.
General View From So. Rim

Another View from the South Rim Trail again.  One of the challenges of photographing the Grand
Canyon is getting the horizon straight.  I apparently missed that this one goes a bit downhill to the right.
The Canyon reveals some 10 million years of geologic history.
View from So. Rim Trail

On our 2nd day at the South Rim, we went to Hopi Point to watch the effects of the setting sun
in the Canyon.  Hopi Point is one of the best places to do this.   Here are a few shots to give you
an idea of the shifting colors and views we witnessed over a stretch of about 2 hours.
In mid May, there had to have been 50 or 60 people all lined up taking pictures for most the time I was.
Vertical Late Day Hopi Point

Hopi Point With Bush

Vert Hopi Point Detail

Detail looking NW

A storm came up and it rained briefly to the East, but it stayed beautiful at Hopi Point.
Storm Clouds From Hopi Point

You can see Vishnu Temple in the Distance again.
Vert Hopi Point Sunset

Just before the sun set, it lit up the far Eastern end of the South Rim.  I spotted a couple on a cliff to the far right
enjoying the scene.  As you can see the storm disappeared completely.
Couple In Awe

That's all for the Grand Canyon.  The next images will include Bryce or Zion Canyon in Utah.
It might take til the end of August to get those posted.

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