Here is a little bunch of photos for Bryson's computer from our hike in Umstead Park
down to the Crabtree Creek.  First is one of Bryson, my hiking partner.


Next is Bryson's main find of the day - a 5 foot long Black Snake!
Black Snack

Grandma found a pretty little Bluet plant near a big old tree trunk.

We hiked and hiked until we reached the rocks, where we could see the bridge across the
Crabtree Creek.
Upsteam From Bridge

We crossed the Bridge and looked upstream at this beatiful scene.
Upstream From Bridge

We went down to the rocks across from the old mill site and watched two dogs play in the water.
Dogs In Water

On the way back up the trail, Grandma found a Jack In The Pulpit Plant along the side of
the trail.
Jack In The Pulpit

That's it.  It was two hours of fun and sometimes hard uphill hiking, but it was great fun
to be together and several nice nature finds for two hours!