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Hi, I'm Bryson.

Here's my latest exploit. We bought a brand new bike and look, Mom, both hands. I did 5 laps my first day. Then a mile of greenway path.

Picture:Bryson riding bike with training wheels

Here's me on the beach

Picture:Bryson on the beach

I went to Hawii recently. The beach was great.

Picture:Bryson on the beach

While we were there, Uncle Ken got married. Here's what I looked like, when I wasn't covered in sand.

Picture:Bryson on the beach

Here are some old pictures my Dad took while he was helping me build our patio.

What are you doing ? What's that bright light ? Smile? Are you sure ?
Do you see this cool high chair my GrandDad made for my sister and me ?

Are you going to make that bright light again ? (And look at that big patio my Dad I are building. Maria Hunter is helping, too -- But she uses the little shovel.)

Just before bed one night long ago:

I'll post some new pictures later.

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