The Mackie Christmas Pics

These are pictures from Christmas, 2000.

This one is actually from a couple days earlier when we were decorating.

Nuclear family

Bryson decided that decorating the tree required hardhat.

Bryson wearing bowl on head

Sally had to hold Bryson back. He likes unwrapping presents.

Bryson and Sally

Ohhh... He got away. Here he goes...

Bryson opens package

Can we do that again ?

Cameo of Bryson and Sally

Granddad built a rocking horse for Bryson and Maria Hunter (Also, go look at our patio page to see the garden seat he made us.)

Bryson on new rocking horse

Dad started to teach Maria Hunter to tell time.

Dave and Maria Hunter

Maria Hunter got interested in architecture.

Maria Hunter with blocks

Maria Hunter gets a moment with all the trucks. (Bryson is still on the rocking horse.)

Maria Hunter with toys

Daddy just had to teach the kids how to play jingle bells using various metric and English system combination wrenches as chimes.

Children using percusive wrenches

A moment of successful sharing. Wow !

Children sharing

Bedtime soon...

Before Bed Picture

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